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[Guide] Alec Troops

[Guide] Alec Troops

Authors Notes
I was so fed up with people finishing their guides before me. Thats why I was in a hurry making this so it may have missed a few points. Dont worry - I will fix it as soon as I publish this! Hehehe!
I am pretty much sure this is the first "tree" diagram in this forum - so the readers may have difficulty understanding it. So I have written it in simple English.
I'd like to say thanks to my alliance and all the Alecs who helped me create it!

This guide is for those people who have a moderate understanding of the game, but not so much aware of the potential of the Alec Race.
This is only a guide to what troops the players should make in a given village.
It does not however contain any information of how to use them in battle.
This post contains very little information on the requirements of the troops.
> This authentic.


Technically, having all types of troops in a single village never helps. Firstly because it is a waste of resources, a waste of research queses and obviously the time which you could spend on more important technology.
Lets make something clear before getting on with this -
(1) There can be three types of "basic" villages - Normal, Defensive, Offensive.
(2) You must research the same technologies again and again when you make a new village.
(3) And then of course you need lots of resources and time to research those techs.
Thats why you should choose one of the types of villages I wrote earlier (Normal, Defensive, Offensive).
(I will make another guide about the importance of these types of villages)

The Troop Tree

Okay! First of all - sorry for the drab coloring. Like I mentioned before, I was in a hurry making this.
Secondly - I made a mistake with the OFFENSIVE VILLAGE tree. Artillery (catapults) come BEFORE the Psycics. I deleted the pic after I uploaded it, so I cant rearrange it - sorry.
Third - see below for more details.

Tree Info

This flow chart has been based on the technologies that are obviously required when making any of the three villages I specified earlier.


The first castle of a player is always a Mediocre Village, it has all the buildings and should be able to create all the troops as well.
Because the first castle needs to do early raiding, defend all by itself, make new castles and support/reinforce the newly built castles, it is fitting to have all troops there.
Mediocre villages take a lot of time and trouble to build up, however. And if it is not your capital, you will probably not have the mentality to look after it.
Well, since all buildings and troops are made in these villages - I shouldn't have to write more.
Just make your units at your own pace.


They are also called REINFORCERS.
Its best to make defensive troops in one village and then using them to support the others.
This is what you do -
> The blademan is obviously the first unit that you must make. Use it to raid inactive players.

> Scouts are a must in all villages.

> Archers are both offensive and defensive - so it should be made in defensive villages.

> Since it is a defensive village - researching defense is a must! And after you have researched lv10 Defense Strategy - you can create Mana Clerics. Which are best used when they are in the safety of the walls - and so basically used as defensive units.

> You should now think of making new castles - get the Tree Ents and up running (remember - you need 3 Tree Ents to build a new castle)

> Now lets think about making those Mana Clerics more devastating to the enemy attackers - research Sorcery. This increases the damage done by the Mana Clerics. And when you lv15 of this research - it is time to make some Mana Demons!

> Oh! But you need to protect the Mana Demons until they reach your enemies (because they are non-ranged). Here is the problem with that - Mana Demons have a HUGE physical defense, the physical computer controlled units will not attack the mana demons by default - and the more experienced players will try to hit the mana demons with magic attacks instead of arrows and swords. So to make it more resistant to magic attacks - increase the Magical Knowledge research. Once you have lv-15, start making those Mana Mancers!

> Mana Mancers are the ultimate Alec defense troop, but they are definitely not the best - they have a puny Physical Defense. Computer controlled units will hit Mana Mancers when they come close, and experienced players will hit them from the start - so you will need to reinforce them with Defense Strategy research.

> Well! You surely dont need Psychics and Breachers (rams) or Artillery (catapults) in defensive villages! So why do you want to waste your resources on researching them! (^_^) it'll better to keep on researching the damage stats research.


[Please keep in mind this is not a "VILLAGE FARMER"]
This type of castles are useful for players who's alliance is in war. Its mostly useful for Epic Mallers who can afford to buy lots of Castle Teleporter Card. But this castles should be build by all of the players who want to impose MAJOR damage and depress their enemies!
This is what you do -
> The blademan is obviously the first unit that you must make. Use it to raid inactive players.

> Scouts are a must in all villages.

> Archers are strong and rather offensive, and they carry considerable amount of resources - so it should be made in offensive villages.

> Now that you have archers, you can do "extra" raiding to make up line for your stronger troops. But remember one thing - the higher the level of the wall, the more troops you will lose! So lets take them down! Research Load. It increases the amount of resources that your troops can steal (so its good for raiders). Lv10 Load allows you to make Breachers (rams).
The reason I am suggesting you to make Breachers so early in the game is because, you definitely need LOAD researched. And the use of Breachers make sure that people either relocate their castles or give up - so there is less retaliation.

> You shouldn't need Mana Clerics in attacking forces - they have a tiny Physical Attack - and defending Computer controlled troops the ranged units (and ARCHER TOWERS) to take out the Mana Clerics first. So they die before doing considerable damage. And you will not need them to attack people - so dont research them in offensive villages.

> Ok! Now its time to get a new village - make more tree ents.

> Get Mana Demons and Mana Mancers - check Defensive village definition for more info.

> Now its time for you to research Logistics - please understand that you will lose LOTS of troops during battle, and they will take LOTS of resources to be replaced - or restrengthened.
Logistics, clears your headache on that! (^_^) With a maxed out logistic, your troops will become 20% cheaper. That means - if you built 500 troops with all your resources previously, after maxed out logistics, you can make 600 troops with the same resource! And best part is - now you can make Psychics!

> By the time you have psychics, your alliance should've grown considerably big. And when that happens - there will be wars! In world war 2 America nuked Hiroshima and forced the end of WW2. You can force the enemy into surrendering by taking one of their castles instead - that should be a notice to them - "This is not just a game, bub!"

> Jokes apart. Psychics are the ultimate way to win any war. An easier way to do it is to make catapults.
You want to do major damage? You need to increase your ATTACK STRATEGY! Get level 15 of it, and you can even make tough guys cry. Because then - you can make Artillery (Catapults)!

> Then just keep on making them. :p You may make Mana Clerics if you want. Because if you are researching the Troops Stat Enhancements - you will need Defense Strategy, but that will be messing up the training ques - it'll be better to make Mana Demons instead in the abbey...


I love messing with the minds of people I dont like.
Since you are a human too, you should have the same feelings.
But in times of dire need it is you who must make the choice if you want to go down in flame or in fame in the world of Lords Online...


Wooh! That was long! But I finally finished it. #234 .
Oh wait! But there is one more thing I forgot to put in here. Please check the next post...


Want to know something important about the Alec Race?
Hidden content will shown upon replying.

So now you know!
Make sure you never fail!
Dude! Its just a game! But you take games seriously right?!

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even in a game you want to be succesfull...and competetive..
the info is good for beginning active Alecs...
when i first started i had to find everything out myself....should i have read this before i could have expand structual...


I loved your guide, it is really helpful, I wish I had read something like this when I started playing, I realized that I was making what you called mediocre villages out of all my castles and was wasting a ton of time and resources that I didn't need to, it isn't too late to change it up for a couple of them This is a great guide much favor for you!! thanks for writing it!!

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hmm nice guide


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Thanks folks! But the Mods still havent replied here - and they didnt mark it as a guide either...
I wonder if they have even logged in recently...


nice, I like it.


I check all the guide, but i have to read over everything before i mark it as the guide.


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nice guide man, atm i have 3 castles one medicore one def and one atk haha. thx for the info and happy playing!


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Very helpful to me. ^^, thx
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