Chattin Guide

Chattin Guide

Well,this is somethin like guide or just tips how dont annoy ppl and make chats clear.
Easy blame others,but first need look on urself if u chat like normal human being
Follow this few unwritten rules and u get faster help,friends etc.

-There r few channels to talk with ur friends,deal with business etc.
-Better to see history and more msg s in window mood .

World Channel
- What need? . lvl 6+ and 500 gold each use
- Try keep english . Game version is eng,so keep it. Most ppl understand to english or their native lang.
- Dont insult . with insultin u wont get anythin. Ppl just block u and bb.
- Dont discuis topics like religions,politic,holocaust and stuff like this.
- Dont use caps lock . Annoyin and ppl dont like it.
- Dont flash whole msg .
- Talk clearly to topic . If u call for some help,do it for example like this : need mage,borg ,have xy slots,i am at bly tele , line 3 ...
- Dont spam . Wait atleast till msg run outa ur chat window(and that mean not in full mood) .

Market channel
- What need? . lvl 30+
- Sell/Buy/Trade . Here is place for all your deals
- 11/22/33 . For succes with postin on market channel dont forget put 11/22/33 at ur post
- Clearly say what u sellin or what u want to buy .
- Workin links helps . hold alt and press on item/pet which u want to post .(link dont work if u copy it,wearin equipment,go into fight ..)
- Dont spam . Like always helps if u dont spam. wait a sec to post again.
- Dont flash and dont use caps .

Local channel
- Dont spam at teles .
- Dont use caps .
- Mainly same as world channel

Guild Channel
- What lvl need? 15+ (on that lvl u can join guild)
- Same as world/local .
- guiild msg. show in window also, but ppl which r not from guild wont see  it

Party Channel
- Work when u are in party
- Same as guild chat, only ur partymater ll see what u wrote

Private Channel=PM
- Use to sent private message to some player
- Can choose clearly target by right click on chat window
- Helps if u in some fast changin battles ,mails r slower in this situations

Have fun,dont be rude and make friends


more karma to come your way i guess :p



argh we need ls which ll deal with world chat also and wont be scared to mute ppl


Original posted by Mafiano at 6-4-2009 17:06
more karma to come your way i guess :p
his topics are useful to new players he deserve them/lol